FluffOff Roller Brushes and Refills

FluffOff Roller Brushes are a brand new addition to the Caraselle Roller Brush Range. We’ve been Europe’s Leading Clothes-Care Experts since 1982, our Roller Brushes & Refills have been our Best Selling Products now for over 35 years!

Each FluffOff Roller Brush and Refill has 5 metres of incredibly adhesive paper on a continuous roll – it stays sticky right to the end of the roll! With a silicone release printed outer wrapper (including barcode), in a design that will get noticed!

Quickly and easily removes:  
Pet Hair, Fluff, Lint and lots more from…
Clothes, Fabrics, Upholstery, Car Seats…

A Removable Handle, which means Repeat Business from quick and easy to use Refills

5 metres (16.4 ft) of VERY sticky paper on a continuous roll!